Total Knee Compression Sleeve

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Say Goodbye To Soreness & Joint Pain

If you’re an athlete, a true fitness professional, or a CrossFit junkie, then you know how hard it can be to deal with joint pain and inflammation – and more specifically, how hard it can be to deal with knee pain. Here at Knee Titans, we want you to rest assured knowing that we’ve got a new-age solution designed for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Joint & Knee Pain Got You Down?

If your joints have really taken a toll from all of the running, lifting, and CrossFit action, then you certainly aren’t alone. The act of the matter is that a number of studies and reports show that at times, your knees can bear up to 5 times your actual body weight! Think about that for a minute – if you weigh 185 pounds, your knees could potentially be carrying and supporting up to 925 pounds of weight – nearly 1 full ton.

With that in mind, it’s only normal to assume that eventually, after all that weight, our knees will begin to suffer and fall victim to joint pain and inflammation. Here at Knee Titans, we’re well aware of these challenges, and we’ve designed a brand new compression sleeve specifically designed to provide your knees with more support.

Alleviate Pain With Our Total Knee Compression Sleeve

There’s absolutely no secret that your knees need support, and our compression sleeve helps to alleviate pressure and pain on your knees. From there, regular use will help to protect against long-term health issues like arthritis, bursitis, or even dislocation.

Say Goodbye To Knee Pain

At Knee Titans, we know that not everyone who experiences knee pain on the regular is the world’s most athletic fitness junkie – but that doesn’t mean that our compression sleeve can’t benefit you. Whether it’s for hiking, for working in the warehouse, for playing a pickup game of football with your friends, or for hitting the gym, our Total Knee Compression Sleeve is a revolutionary product that can help you feel better and perform better.

The Benefits At A Glance

Say Goodbye To Joint Pressure

One of the most critical pain points of your knee revolves around your joint – and that can get quite painful after prolonged and consistent pressure. Our Total Knee Compression Sleeve alleviates joint pressure instantly.

Reduce Ligament Stress

One of the last types of injuries you want to deal with are torn or stretched ligaments. Our Total Knee Compression Sleeve helps your ligaments recover faster, ultimately preventing injury and reducing knee instability.

Lift With Strength

With our Total Knee Compression Sleeve, you’ll reap the benefits of improved lifting power because it’ll be easier to use your knees to push that weight up and over.

Endurance & Stamina Like Never Before

When you wear our Total Knee Compression Sleeve at work, you’ll instantly notice increased endurance and stamina. Work longer and harder when on the job, especially when that job places stress on your knees.

Shop with us today and transform your knees for good.

*1 Pack = 1 Piece, 2 Pack = 1 Pair, 4 Pack = 2 Pairs

    Shipping takes 5-10 business days to arrive. Most of the time our product will arrive a lot quicker, but we want you to be aware this is out of our control! We ship worldwide, so you can shop with us wherever you are!

    KneeTitans is proud to offer a 30 day Money-Back Guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our Compression Sleeves.

    Knee Compression Sleeve 

    Size Leg Circumference
    M 33 - 39 cm / 13 - 15.5 inch
    L 39 - 43 cm / 15.5 - 17 inch
    XL 43 - 48 cm / 17 - 19 inch
    XXL 48 cm + / 19 inch +

    * Measure your leg circumference 12 cm / 5 inch above the knee cap.

    Elbow Compression Sleeve

    Size  Elbow Circumference
    M 19 - 25 cm / 7 - 10 inch
    L 25 - 30 cm / 10 - 11.5 inch
    XL 30 cm + / 11.5 inch +

    * Measure your elbow circumference 10 cm / 4 inch above the elbow joint.

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